Discover how to build a Purpose-Driven business!

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FREE 7-Day Series Launching March 20th, 2023

Do you Want To Start A Purpose-Driven Business?

Do you still believe that you can’t make money from your gifts? YOU CAN and YOU MUST.  Think about it: You have a purpose, gifts, strengths, a heart that knows who you are and what you have to offer.

If you could tap into all of that… how FULFILLED would you feel?
If you could generate income and impact with that… how many lives could you TRANSFORM?

Helping hundreds, thousands, millions of people with your purpose is what you came to do. But it requires you to step out of “side hustle” mindset and into embodying the business person inside you who knows how to run the biz while providing the gift.

Join me for the Purpose To Prosperity free online series, featuring top experts who have been where you've been and will share all their tips on how to:

-Discover your purpose

-Shift out of split/poverty mindset

-Get prospective clients with ease and grace

-Connect with the right people for you

-Approach sales as a spiritual activity

-Speak about your business like the pros do

-Get out of tech overwhelm and into solid systems

-Stay energized while starting/growing your business
And so much more

They will show you what’s possible and HOW to shift your energy, mindset and client roster so you can tap into your financial freedom once and for all!

During The Purpose To Prosperity Summit You will receive...

Training From Industry Leaders

Get access to 21 leading experts, authors, world-renown speakers, coaches, & visionaries who will show you how to marry your purpose to your prosperity with a well-designed, profitable (and sustainable!) business that you LOVE.

Roadmap To Transform Your Life NOW

You will walk away with clarity on your next steps. Not only will you discover how to tap into your unique purpose, but you will learn how to use those gifts to start or grow an abundant, profitable business. 

Exclusive Tools & Resources

In addition to the interviews and trainings, each expert is giving you access to their resources, books, meditations, workshops, guides & more to help you go deeper and take action on your purpose-driven business. 

This Series Is For You If:

You are in thinking about starting a business with your knowledge, gifts and unique experience but don’t know how.
You’ve started a business but you feel stuck and lost and need the strategies to grow into your full professional and financial potential.
You wonder what your purpose is and if you're truly living it.
You want to do something that truly feels aligned.
You’ve been wanting to do this for 25 years but fear, doubt or lack of know-how or support held you back.
You would love to make money being yourself and doing what you love!

Don't wait. The Strategy & Support You Need Are Here.

Unlock Your Power As The Creator Of Your Life & Business

You owe it to yourself to live the life you envision with a business that supports that vision and the financial, emotional and spiritual results you want.

Discover HOW At The Purpose To Prosperity Summit

7 Days Of Purpose To Prosperity


Day 1

Discover how to tap into your unique gifts and align those with your true calling to create your purpose-driven business. Get clear on what you true purpose is and how to MONETIZE it.


Day 2

Connect purpose to profits. Dive deep into the mindset to start and grow your business with resilience, vulnerability and beliefs that support you into your VISION.


Day 3

Exclusive trainings on all things marketing, including lead generation through podcasting, low ticket funnels, MESSAGING to connect with your ideal client & more!


Day 4

Abundant sales while doing what you love. Learn how to see sales as a natural process, to close like the pros and to know when it's time to scale through group offers for more REVENUE

Systems & Tech

Day 5

We are teaching you the cutting edge tech - from which platform to use when starting or growing, to how AI will shift everything to using CHatGPT for efficiency and SCALE.


Day 6

Craft your story like the Hollywood elite but for your business, learn how to SPEAK ON STAGE and how digital events can transform your business.

Health As Wealth

Day 7

Learn the keys to HIGH PERFORMANCE and running a successful business for the long term - the habits of the physically and mentally strong to help you and your team, mind, body and soul.

Led by Top Leaders in Business

Michael Hauge

storytelling expert

Dylan Caudullo

elite sales & closing

Steve Corney

the power of digital events

Clive Enever

sales as a conversation

Amy Yamada

The ultimate guide to chatgpt

Paul Davis

Turn your purpose into profits

Leah Gervais

strategic lead gen & sales

Mitch Harley

Podcasting as a marketing tool

Julia Langley

speaking on stage

Esteban Lutz

fitness & Nutrition for high performance

Allison Nelson

group program mastery

William Linville

Physically embodying your higher purpose

Alessandro Di Ruscio

low ticket offer funnels

Bob Dietrich

how ai will change your business

Lia Dunlap

your purposeful path to millions

Eran Bucai

Systems & Tech For Online Businesses

Bonnie Serratore

tapping into your truth

Corey Martin, MD

Creating a life of joy through entrepreneurship

Dr. Nancy Crowell

Maryl Celiz Paz


Equal parts spiritual warrior and practical strategist, Maryl
Celiz Paz is an author, entrepreneur, master communicator and intuitive HSP whose mission is to help you find your purpose and live your most prosperous, authentic life. 

She is a coach who currently teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to start and grow their businesses prosperously without hustle or overwhelm.  Maryl is a wealth activator passionate about heart-
centered, profitable entrepreneurship, which she believes to be “the most spiritual thing you can do here.” 

She made her pivot out of the corporate world in 2014 and is the CEO of Celiz Paz Inc. and founder of CPMC, a strategic global content development firm, and the coaching company MPC Coaching and Consulting, both of which she has enjoyed running from Fiji, Peru, Australia, and her home base of Los Angeles.

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