Jeanine Staples

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    • Brenda

      Thank you Maryl and all of your guests!
      I truly appreciate what everyone is contributing. You are all a great gift to humanity! There’s so much information in here it’s hard to keep up! I’m almost grateful when I don’t resonate with a speaker smile 🙂 or when a gift link doesn’t work. Thank you

    • Paula Dockens

      I really enjoyed this! Thank you.
      But I can’t access the gift?

    • Tammy

      thank you ladies & I really liked the suggestion to tap into what lights you up as well as use the things we identify as Divine guidance!! Being someone who has spent most of her life .. thinking … giving myself a chance to explore what delights my heart may reveal something I was unaware of.

      and I also was unable to access the gift …

      much love to you both!

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Jeanine Staples

Scholar, Educator & Coach

Jeanine Staples is the Founder of the Supreme Love Project, impacting nearly 1 million women in 18 different countries. She teaches women why they hurt, so they can heal, and let the highest version of themselves happen in life and love.