Day 3: Marketing & Messaging

Podcasting As A Marketing Tool

Mitch Harley

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I could tell that at a young age I saw the world through a different lens than most. It didn't take long for me to realize that understanding people was my strong suit. I was really good at connecting with strangers and helping them feel safe to open up. Then to stumble into podcasting it just made sense to use this a the vehicle to connect with people on such a powerful level. once this journey began I never looked back.

Low Ticket Offer Funnels

Alessandro Di Ruscio

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Back in 2016, I was trapped in 9-to-5 which was draining my time and energy. Then one day, I decided to stop it and focus on a niche I was passionate about, choosing the clients I wanted to work with. Basically, I became an entrepreneur. Or digital nomad if you prefer.

Since then, I've worked with multiple clients, from entrepreneurs to startups to corporations… All remotely.
I've never met most of my clients physically.

I traveled while working with my laptop, and had the chance to see my friends and family more. This was simply impossible with my old full-time job.

While others followed the "traditional route," sacrificing the best years of their lives, I decided to flip the script.

Now I help wanna-be entrepreneurs do the same thing I did years ago. I'd be honored to be your guide in finding clients.

Sales As A Conversation

Clive Enever

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Friendly yet direct, approachable yet insightful, Clive brings a unique perspective to business, its challenges and successes.
Most importantly he helps people discover clarity to more easily engage with more of their ideal client more often.
He combines humour with a wealth of knowledge to provide the small and medium business world with the strategies they need for their individual success.
He is renowned as a passionate advocate for small business and works to ensure business owners and staff achieve their objectives and goals in both good times and bad.
He is expert at identifying ways to increase profits, improve business planning and performance, and achieve growth and diversity targets.
He is renowned for his ability to motivate his clients and build success while creating the lifestyle that many in business crave.

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