Day 5: Tech & AI

Systems & Tech For Online Businesses

Eran Bucai

Learn More About Eran Bucai

Eran helps aspiring and existing coaches, course creators and membership site owners make a living online but reducing their tech overwhelm and creating better systems and processes using software tools so they can make more money with less effort.

How AI Will Change Your Business

Bob Dietrich

Learn More About Bob Dietrich

Bob Dietrich is an award winning entrepreneur, producer, and speaker who has achieved a remarkable track record of success. With over 25 years of experience in the personal development industry, he has inspired countless individuals to transform their lives and achieve entrepreneurial success.

Through his expert presentations, training programs, and services, Bob shares his unique process for building a thriving business. He is highly cognizant of the challenges that entrepreneurs encounter and provides practical strategies to help them gain credibility, establish an audience of buyers, and succeed in a business they are passionate about.

Additionally, Bob is a prominent event producer, adept in guiding individuals to create large professional summits that can drive audience growth and generate leads, thus empowering businesses to thrive.

Throughout his career, Bob has created several successful businesses that serve as a testament to his expertise in entrepreneurship. Presently, he has founded BrainWorx, an initiative that helps individuals overcome ADHD, and Laptop Lifestyle, a program designed to assist entrepreneurs to establish a thriving community, expert status in their field online, and a business they love. Bob is also a professional speaker and speaks on topics around entrepreneurship and AI.

For more information about Bob and to receive a free guide to leveraging Chat GPT to generate new content and achieve greater success, visit https://brainworxmembers.com/bobdietrich.

The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT

Amy Yamada

Learn More About Amy Yamada

Amy Yamada is a seasoned business coach and emerging expert in the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT. Amy empowers established coaches to grow their businesses in a way that is fully aligned with their authenticity and desired lifestyle, through deep connection in messaging, sales conversations, and transformational experiences such as VIP Days and high ticket retreats.

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