How To Make Money Doing what you love with a purpose-driven business

Discover the KEY to unlock & uplevel everything in your life!


April 4th, 5th, & 6th
9 AM PT/12 PM ET

3 Days Of Hands On Business Training & Coaching



We get laser focused on your goals and purpose, clear any blocks or limiting beliefs, and reframe your mindset for success.



You will get clear on your business identity, goals and values.  You will get clear on any skills you need to fill the gaps.



You will set your revenue goals, map our your revenue roadmap, and get clear on your next steps for financial freedom.

You Should Attend This 3-Day Workshop If:

You are in thinking about starting a business with your knowledge, gifts and unique experience but don’t know how.
You’ve started a business but you feel stuck, lost and need the strategies to grow into your full professional and financial potential.
You wonder what your purpose is and if you're truly living it.
You want to do something that truly feels aligned.
You’ve been wanting to do this for years but fear, doubt or lack of know-how or support held you back.
You would love to make money being yourself and doing what you love!

Don't wait. The Strategy & Support You Need Are Here.

These Breakthroughs Are Possible For You!

You owe it to yourself to live the life you envision with a business that supports that vision and the financial, emotional and spiritual results you want.

"Right after our day together, I had one client call to book an appointment!!!"


"Listening to you was a good reminder of what my goal is and that I need to act in order to keep it moving."


"This morning, I made decisions and worked through a whole range of road blocks and now have a series of task completions scheduled - thank you for your help!"


"I'm no longer letting my curcumstances hold me back!"


"This was a wonderful experience, I feel so blessed to have been a part of it - thank you, thank you, thank you!"


This has been an amazing experience. Thank you Maryl and group!!!


Discover HOW At The Charge Workshop!

Maryl Celiz Paz


Equal parts spiritual warrior and practical strategist, Maryl
Celiz Paz is an author, entrepreneur, master communicator and intuitive HSP whose mission is to help you find your purpose and live your most prosperous, authentic life. 

She is a coach who currently teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to start and grow their businesses prosperously without hustle or overwhelm.  Maryl is a wealth activator passionate about heart-
centered, profitable entrepreneurship, which she believes to be “the most spiritual thing you can do here.” 

She made her pivot out of the corporate world in 2014 and is the CEO of Celiz Paz Inc. and founder of CPMC, a strategic global content development firm, and the coaching company MPC Coaching and Consulting, both of which she has enjoyed running from Fiji, Peru, Australia, and her home base of Los Angeles.

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