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      Welcome to a new week of Purpose To Prosperity! This week we are diving into health, high performance, finding your unique gifts, your soul calling and more! Today we have my incredible friend Kellee Rutley who teaches us why health translates to wealth. It’s probably not what you are expecting! Let me know your thoughts below. Enjoy! -Coach Maryl

    • Ingrid

      OMG! This is gold! Never twigged that fat does not conduct energy! I have come through the menopause and have put on so much weight, no energy, brainfog, loss of confidence. I will definitely do the 5 day challenge. Thank you so much!

    • Magi Sque

      Thank you. Excellent and engaging speaker. I’ll enjoy the challenge!

    • Jay

      I can relate to those W’s on the transcript on those math and science classes. I knew when I was in undergrad that I was on the wrong path, but stayed and got my degree and was miserable in my career.
      I can definitely relate to Kellee in the knowing that ‘nope this is not it’ in a career. I am currently on my third career, and even this one is a transition career to my purpose. It has been a struggle in many ways but I know I am not in alignment and I am doing the work to step fully into my purposeful work.

      In 2020, I went on a path of allowing myself to explore many interests.
      I am in a coaching training program and have hired my own coach to figure how to put it all together. I am excited to one day be able to share my story.
      Thank you Kellee and Maryl. This is again another inspirational presentation.

    • Lynda

      Kellee…this was an outstanding presentation…it does feel life-changing…thank you so much.

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Kellee Rutley

Breath Master

Dr. Kellee Rutley is a Chiropractor and a Pioneer in sustainable fat loss & Type 2 Diabetes prevention.

With over 20 years of experience working directly with clients and patients both offline & online, she is an industry leader.