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      Welcome to Day 2! Today is all about giving yourself permission. Permission to say yes to your dreams. Permission to go for it all. Permission to listen to what your heart is telling you. Permission to give yourself more. Jessica Barnak gives us a powerful reminder today about how me must allow ourselves to find our purpose by giving ourselves permission. Enjoy!

      • Jessica Barnak

        I adore you. Thanks for this space, my friend. This was really fun.

    • Magi Sque

      I got a lot out of the interview with Jessica. The bit about how to give your body reactions their proper understanding was much needed. I will feel more at ease e ‘listening’ – so to speak, to my bodily feelings. I would like to know much more about Jessica’s study of the vibrational world. Thank you Maryl for a fabulous guest!

      • Jessica Barnak

        Hey Magi!! So glad you loved the interview! Reach out if I can help in any way, and make sure to practice listening to your body. It’s a game changer!

    • Suzanne Stevens

      Human design! What a brilliant concept. We will spend a fortune to design our homes or a website, but we put no energy toward designing ourselves! I love this concept and it inspires me to make that list of things that excite me! Thank you for this info!

      • Jessica Barnak

        Exactly! As a former interior designer and photographer, I watched people spend years creating the perfect inspired aesthetic – all external. But the ones who were truly happy were the ones who had the inclination to turn that design focus inward, so that the aesthetic on the inside was aligned and inspiring.

    • Ingrid

      So good to see Jessica again 🙂 I am a big fan of her, I love her honesty and dedication. What stood out to me in this conversation is to change your mindset in relation to other people, specificaly non-supportive or toxic people. I have made quite a few pivots in my life and recently the caling was so strong to go back to work I used to do but thought I had left well behind. Listening to Jessica made me realise that it is so true that other people are the biggedt mind shift to make. I will adopt her motto that if someone does not like what I do, they are free to leave, they do not have to be in my life. So empowering, thank you ❤

      • Jessica Barnak

        Hi Ingrid!!!! Thanks for leaving this comment – I feel like a lot of people feel the same. It’s HARD to create that boundary around people. It requires standing tall in your own worth, and not wavering on your understanding of that – no matter who tries to coerce you into doing so. There’s a magical transformation that happens when we step into truly accepting that we are all worthy, valuable creatures – and anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t yet done the inner work to see their own value. If they stay in your world, then you’ll inspire them to choose differently. And if they leave your world, then they weren’t ready for the message you have to share, and that is 100% ok. We are all at different parts of the journey.

        So good to see you here!!

    • MaryRose Regan

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the pivot process in your life, Jessica.
      I too am at a crossroads and I may have to use a reading of some sort to get a handle on me.

      • Jessica Barnak

        Thanks MaryRose!! I’m glad it helped. Crossroads are exciting times – full of possibility and a blank slate prime for painting the most exquisite landscape. Excited for you! Reach out if I can offer any assistance at all.

    • Maria

      Thank you both, I am always struggling with feeling the difference between fear and a “hell no” I tend to confuse those but sometimes I realize it was fear and it worked out great, any suggestions on how to differentiate between feeling fear or scared and a proper “no”. Thanks! Love fromBerlin

      • Jessica Barnak

        Hey Maria,

        This is such a great question. A lot of coaches will tell you to “feel the fear and do it anyway” and I don’t subscribe to this very often with big decisions. If your fear feels the same as a hell no – meaning it’s making you feel sick, or feeling dread, or obsessively worrying that this isn’t a good choice, then it’s a no.

        The thing to remember is that it may not always be a no, but it might just be a “no, right now.” As your fear subsides, and as your situation changes, your no may pivot into a yes, and you’ll feel that zing of excitement.

        The last thing to remember is that often fear can be mislabeled. A lot of times when I feel fear, I have to ask myself “Am I afraid, or am I actually excited for this opportunity?” So often, my fear is actually excitement, anticipation, and hope. Sometimes those feelings of excitement can cause the same kind of butterfly feelings in your stomach that are difficult to interpret unless you’re really in tune with your body.

        For me, when I’m afraid, I’ll feel butterflies in my stomach, but they’ll be accompanied by icky feelings, an ache in my sternum and a sense of dread. I can feel my energy drawing closer to my body, and my face takes on a worried expression.

        But when I’m excited, I’ll feel those same butterflies in my stomach, but it feels like my heart is open, my ears are perked up a bit, I stand taller, my energy begins to expand and feels lighter and my face takes on an expression of awe.

        the butterflies are present in both situations, but the overlaying feelings and visceral reactions are vastly different.

    • Christina

      Love this. I am all about energy. I say all the time that I need all my energy and can’t let toxic people take away from me. I see colleagues and friends get upset about other relationships and I feel like I “avoid”. But now I see that their issues are simply just not my mirrors. I really like to see it in that manner!

      • Jessica Barnak

        Great perspective Christina!! It takes a lot of self awareness to be able to do this. Love it!

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