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    8 replies to "MANIFESTING WITH EASE"

    • Tammy

      this conversation is SO confirming! Everything Kristen shares is exactly what I did for years until I realized I was the one blocking my own way. It reminds me of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. All the root chakra work I’ve done only to learn I was the one blocking me. So I took on massive shifts & aligned myself with my true nature. I went from being unable to pay rent to having a place that I pay for in less than 7 months. Thank you Maryl & Kristen for shedding the light for all of us!

    • Tammy

      the courage to live in faith ….. BOOM!

    • Tammy

      oh my gosh … the conversation about trust & surrender .. acceptance = receiving life

      When I embraced this, that’s when I realized just how much I was still manipulating life even though I thought I convinced myself I had let go.

      Acceptance brings ease & in the space of ease, we naturally surrender … knowing that all is being provided in the exact way we’re meant to experience it.

      dis-ease= lack of ease & with my commitment to healing, the time had come to let go of the dis-ease

    • Tammy

      Maryl ~ this was SO good! Again, thank you both! Kristen’s perspective is not only real, but refreshing. She’s not selling hope (what I call an empty concept), she brings forth honest possibilities! I cannot say enough. Blessings to you both!

    • Jay

      Great session. Be open to alignment vs. attempting to manifesting specific things in life.

    • Magi Sque

      Fantastic session!! Cleared the information surrounding manifestation. The concept of alignment is ever powerful.
      Thank you Kristen

    • Daisy

      This is one of the best interviews I have heard on this summit, good job Meryl and Kristen; the message from Kristen is appreciated and is very relatable in all aspects and journeys of this life experience.

    • Lynda

      Kristen, you are an amazing presenter…so many pearls of wisdom, word after word. You own this information you are sharing…it is clearly such a part of you. One of the best session of this Summit. Thank you so much for being here.

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Kristen Anderson

Manifestation Coach

Kristen is a manifestation expert who helps people release blocks around self worth & money, and apply manifestation to create their lives by design. She hit rock bottom 3 years ago, and dedicated her life to following her intuition & doing whatever it took to manifest the life she knew she was truly worthy of. When all of her manifestations & entire vision board showed up in a matter of months, she decided to dedicate her life to teaching others to do the same: to step into their power, and manifest the blissful, abundant lives we are all more than worthy of. She founded Pursuit of Bliss which is now a 7-figure business which has helped thousands of people learn to manifest in their own lives.