Michelle Thames

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    • Jay

      Such good advice. I have found that IG and FB are not for me, but YouTube and podcasting are. We each need to find the platform that resonates with us and show up.

    • Katherine

      Great interview Michelle!

      Michelle is the REAL DEAL! She is so passionate and
      dedicated to her craft and gives her all to her clients.
      She shares so many great ideas and is very open to
      Listening to her clients.

    • Judith

      Social media bores me and feels like a waste of time. BUT, Michelle has convinced me to research what these are and how, as a writer/artist can help promote my work. Thank you.

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Michelle Thames

Marketing Expert

Michelle Thames is an award-winning blogger turned Marketing Expert and Industry Thought Leader who has helped catapult companies like multi-million dollar beauty brand MIELLE Organics, from a startup to becoming a household name by leveraging organic social media and digital marketing strategies. She teaches experts, creators, influencers, and biz owners how to get their business visible and make more money. She helps businesses attract their ideal clients and sell on social effortlessly using organic social media marketing. She has been a social media influencer for 12 years creating content and partnering with brands such as Lenovo, Toyota, Olay, Subway, True Value, Pantene, ClickUp, and many more.