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    • manon chouinard

      I was blown away hearing her, it was like the first part of my life; the signification of the money and the fear never have enough,also starting her day with desires before things to do
      What a slap on my face about what I am doing

      Thank you

    • Magi Sque

      Worthy of some deep consideration. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences Shamina.

    • Shirley

      If Shamina had not been a loaded lawyer with three degrees when she “went quantum,” I would be more impressed. But the truth is, you did not start from lack. You started from abundance. How about a story from someone who started from nothing?

    • Jay

      Thank you Shamina and Maryl. Shamina spoke on a lesson I’ve been learning. We are abundant in all ways. I am learning to not think negatively about paying bills or wondering how I’m going to pay them and coming from a place of lack. I am more mindful to say I get to pay these bills. Thank you. I have the abundance to pay the bills. Shifting our mindset is such a powerful thing.

    • Richard Chan

      Hi I attempted to sign up for Shamina’s Money Surge, I filled in the form and got a Clickfunnels 404 error

    • Keisha

      I really needed this. I lost my job Friday, a job I wasn’t all that happy in but it gave me money I needed to pay bills. It’s caused me physical issues and health issues that cost me physician bills. It never occurred to me that I was making money masculine and unsafe but you nailed it. I’m out of a narcissistic marriage of 25 years, I’m asking him for nothing because I know what he gives is negative and I want no part. I’m raising my teen and living with my 22 year old and his fiance but I was taking care of everything with my “I’ve got this” masculinity. Yet money makes me afraid to have because I could get robbed, it’ll go away. I had a literal penny in my bank account. I was going to take a picture and say “never again” and then I told myself if I did it would happen again. Ladies…Never again.

    • Tammy Davis

      Saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t light me up is an investment in me = wealth

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