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      Welcome to Day 18! We are int he final days of the Purpose To Prosperity series and today I have the incredible Carissa Johnsen joining me in a powerful discussion about leadership. Here’s the thing – leadership is not just leading the crowd. It’s how you lead yourself first and foremost. Leave a comment with your takeaways and breakthroughs after watching today’s interview!

    • Paula Dockens

      WoW! I loved this -exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! I feel so powerful just by sharing your space. <3

    • Keisha

      I absolutely love CJ. She’s why I joined to begin with. I’m so thankful too. I’ve learned so much and in the worst time of my life. I know I will grow from all of these. <3

    • Dominique

      “it is not what you do, it is who you are”
      It is the basis of what we tend to forget in our society.
      Thank you for the reminder.
      The rest will come naturally.

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Carissa Johnsen

Spiritual Leadership + Prosperity Mentor, Transformational Expert

Carissa Johnsen is a Spiritual Leadership + Prosperity Mentor, Transformational Expert, and the Founder & Owner of the Freedom Designers Brand.