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    8 replies to "UNLOCKING YOUR MONEY DNA"

    • maryl@marylcelizpaz.com

      Welcome to Day 3! You will LOVE today’s interview with Danial Mangena. He makes abundance so simple and gives you easy steps to unlock your unique money DNA. Share your takeaways in the comments!

    • Suzanne Stevens

      I love the idea of looking at what we create and determining where we flow. We are looking for alignment with our flow!

    • Magi Sque

      Thank you Daniel for your wonderful and engaged session. I learnt a lot and made me think if I really want to do the heavy lifting or is there some way I need to find my vehicle to do it, as my horizon is out there with all its rewards but how can I reach it. I will think upon this. Thank you again Maryl for another wonderfully informed session.

    • Romina

      Thanks a lot for this interview! Amazing!

    • Tony

      Mmmm, this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable cause I’m switching between making an income from my two passions, music production and audiovisual production (current one). I live in Argentina, our money is based on dollar, the inflation is outgrowing really fast that our own exchange coin is losing so much value. What would you suggest? I’m a Virgo and have a lot to give for service, so i know my purpose, but still have no idea about financial inversion coming from another place that isn’t creativity.

      Thank you for all your help, and thank you for being.
      Much love and light brothers and sisters!

    • Ingrid

      Wow, that puts a whole different spin on abundance and how to achieve it. Love the idea of secondary and passive income to be able to focus without worry on what you love and may not be so profitable. Thank you!

    • Debe

      Wow! In hearing Daniel share his life story, he should know that it was actually inspiring; to understand that no matter how dark, how inexperienced, how many mistakes one makes, you can succeed. Love that he kept going and is now sharing and teaching with all his well earned positivity and success.

    • Jay

      This was very inspirational. The idea of following the trail of opportunities that leads you into your flow of freedom. Yes please.

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Daniel Mangena

Bestselling Author, Life & Business Transformation Coach

 Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcast host of Do it with Dan and Beyond Success, a life & business transformation coach, and an international public speaker who is known for programs and content that take clients and students to next level living. He has helped thousands of people across the globe achieve wealth mastery and truly abundant lives.

Featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, the Jack Canfield show, and in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, Daniel’s mission is to spread his teachings worldwide with the intention to “spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life”.